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Browns Exterminating
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 9 reviews
by Mike brooks on Browns Exterminating
Highly recommended
City & State: Accokeek

Great service provider

by Rubye Willett on Browns Exterminating
They have never let me down
City & State: Bryans Road MD

Brown Exterminating has been doing my pest control for years. I wouldn't use anyone else as they are extremely professional and have taken care of my issues with ants, mice and termites without charging me an arm and a leg.

by Yelp Review on Browns Exterminating
Highly Recommend
City & State: Alexandria, VA

I highly recommend Brown. They are honest, on-time, and very responsive - unlike other companies we called. The tech came out first thing in the morning to check out a minor wasp problem we were having at our place. Instead of trying to come up with a project, he told us that we could keep doing what we were doing to prevent it. That kind of honesty is rare these days, hence a hearty five stars! We will definitely be calling them again for seasonal maintenance once spring rolls around. I wouldn't trust any other company.

by Yelp Review on Browns Exterminating
Excellent Work
City & State: Alexandria, VA

I am really impressed with Brown. We have had a few pest problems as we have lived in this area, and this company has worked around our schedule and gotten someone out to us ASAP each time. Both techs we have had were courteous and informative, and provided solutions that were best for our situation (three curious kids). The prices are surprisingly reasonable, especially when everything is so expensive living here. They have very effectively dealt with ants and a wasp nest at our old home, and are currently dealing with a cockroach issue in our new home. Excellent work and I would recommend them to anyone.

by Angies List Review on Browns Exterminating
Mice in our Kitchen
City & State: Northern Virginia

We contacted Brown Exterminating about a year ago for a problem with mice in our kitchen. They had a technician out within a day or so and were prompt in returning our phone calls. The technician explained where they were entering the house and sealed up the entrance. We were already using sticky traps so with their entrance sealed and the traps set we were able to effectively eliminate the mouse problem and have not seen them since. That being said, our neighbor has been having an on going issue with rats for the past 6 months and has had Orkin out at least 6 times and the problem has not been resolved. They left all the openings accessible and put out poison bait while the rat destroyed her house. Last week while sitting outside, I noticed a rat that had clearly eaten the poison stubble under the fence into my yard which I had to kill. This past Friday while painting our basement, we noticed a horrendous smell that has just been getting worse. Along with that we have flies all over our basement. Smells like a dead rat died in our walls and it had taken over the whole house. I have been telling my neighbor for months to call Brown Exterminating because they get the problem resolved where as Orkin hasn't done a thing except for transfer the dead rats to our house now. I placed a call to Browns and I am 100 % sure they will resolve it once and for all. I can not say enough about Brown Exterminating. They are hands down the most professional, personable, and affordable company I have ever used for any service.

by Angies List Review on Browns Exterminating
Termite Inspection
City & State: Alexandria, Virginia

When we were buying our house the mortgage broker sprung it on us at the last minute that we had to have a termite inspection done or we would lose the deal. Brown Exterminating came out the same day and had our paperwork to us that night. I can not say enough about their responsiveness and professionalism. I would definitely use them again.

by Angies List Review on Browns Exterminating
Pest Control Services
City & State: Alexandria, Virginia

They were effective, quick, and I've not had a bug problem since they've provided service to my home. I would give them an A+ on cost and quality.

by Angies List Review on Browns Exterminating
Recommend this company highly
City & State: Alexandria, Virginia

Following the difficult winter and rainy spring we were bothered by tiny sugar ants in several areas of our home. Brown exterminating correctly identified the source of the problem took care of it with a mild solution and followup ant traps to eliminate the stragglers. This two-pronged attack really worked. Brown Exterminating showed up on time, did the job expertly and in a professional manner. We were very pleased with the results. I had followup questions following the treatment for the ants and they were helpful in answering these which reassured us that we were taking the right steps to eliminate the ant problem. Recommend this company highly.

by Angies List Review on Browns Exterminating
Carpenter Bees & Termites
City & State: Alexandria, VA

They are very responsive and quick to come out when you call them. They explain things well. Their price was competitive to what I was paying to my earlier service provider. They are very professional and the quality of work is very good. I will continue to use their services in the future. I have used their exterminating services. I had to call them because the company I was using earlier did not do carpenter bees. Their last service visit was in May 2009. They sprayed for carpenter bees, inspected for termites and did a preventive spray for termites. They also set the mouse bait and advised me on how the mice could be getting in.